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Check Your DA Status

If your DA has been lodged with Plan Be, you can check the status anytime via the NSW & ACT Planning Portal

A development is considered local development if a local environmental plan (LEP) or State environmental planning policy (SEPP) says that development consent is required before the development can take place.

The procedures for applying for development consent, the level of environmental assessment required, the notification required, and appeal rights will differ depending on how a development is categorised. These categories include designated development, integrated development and advertised development.

- NSW Planning, Local Development

New development, which includes new development on an existing property, may require a development approval (DA).

The purpose of a DA is to make sure the design of your project; is appropriate to the area, conforms with any lease requirements, meets Territory Plan codes, meets planning regulations, complies with specific development conditions for the land.


Some development is prohibited in the ACT.

It is also not permitted to construct some structures, such as retaining walls and letterboxes, over the front boundary of a unit titled development. 

If you’re developing your own land, you may need to notify your neighbours about the proposed development.

- ACT Planning, Development Approvals

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