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Agritourism NSW Planning Changes

NSW Planning posted brochures to rural landholders about #agritourism ventures that can now be undertaken as exempt development in the #QPRC region.

From the Planning NSW Gov Website:

What is changing?

We have introduced clear planning terms for agritourism. This will make it easier for farmers to know how they can use their land for new income streams.

The new and amended terms include:

  • farm gate premises – where visitors interact with produce from the farm, such as through fruit picking, sales, tastings, workshops and cafés

  • farm experience premises – where visitors can experience life on a farm, including tours, horse riding, weddings, functions and retreats

  • farm stay accommodation – including camping, caravanning and glamping.

Find out more here: NSW Gov Planning

Need More Information?

Contact Plan Be & we can discuss what these changes mean for you.


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