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SEE: Statement of Environmental Effects. What is an SEE?

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A Statement of Environmental Effects, or 'SEE', is a required document for all development applications submitted in NSW, and other Australian states & territories [exl major developments requiring a varied report].

The Statement of Environmental Effects provides a detailed overview of your proposal. It is used to support your application in verifying that all environmental effects have been considered, researched, and how any impacts will be minimised.

There are several factors that need to be addressed in a supporting SEE. These considerations are outlined via the 'Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000'. As a general guide, we recommend that you connect with PlanBE Planning Consultancy for any requirements that specifically relate to your proposal or the site.

The minimum requirements are:

(a) The environmental impacts of the development

(b) How the environmental impacts of the development have been identified

(c) The steps taken to protect the environment or to lessen the expected harm on the environment

(d) Any matters required to be indicated by any guidelines issued by the Secretary for the purposes of this clause

Where is the information for an SEE obtained?

Essentially, through working alongside your #townplanner. Your consultant understands why this report is an imperative aspect to your development application. They will correspond with yourself and other contractors, to fully ascertain the environmental implications of your project.

What if our Project doesn't meet the requirements?

Your consultant is here to ensure that your project does consider all of the environmental implications throughout your development.

If you have had an application rejected due to not having considered the environmental implications, then you need a town planner! They highly value these regulations, & know what needs to be addressed for the benefit of the environment and for your project.

We have you covered!

Plan BE Planning Consultancy love ensuring that your development works in-line with all environmental factors. We can ensure that you have the best chance at gaining approval, by formulating a properly prepared Statement of Environmental Effects [SEE] addressing the relevant guidelines.

A strong SEE will enable Council Officials to assess your application without unwanted delays.

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If you are looking for a professional Town Planning Consultant to help manage your project, then look no further than Plan BE Planning Consultancy.

Plan BE operates within New South Wales & ACT. We operate with over 18 years experience in planning and working with local councils in various areas of development and planning compliance.

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